God’s eye

It's hard to presume Pre assume What your life Should be like Your plight To have sight Of the life Pre designed By God's eyes dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young

You May have noticed

that I've depleted my archives I'm out of old rhymes Out of life's past problems Onto life's new time Of glory Celebrating new chances God has given me new vision Except only they're glances Into my future What has yet to be revealed Things that have healed me My present cannot repeal For what God's … Continue reading You May have noticed

The Plan

Is it real Is it true Could it be me Or could it be you Rearranging my life Changing my life Engaging my path Where non-other hath Dared to take me Into my future that is My destiny and purpose The point where His Path is plain To see as I go On my way … Continue reading The Plan

The Making

I know who I am I know who I be I know who I am For he delivered me From the bondage of others Anxiety and the like He has opened my eyes With clear vision I can sight The enemy before he approaches Or try to make his move I can see him up … Continue reading The Making

On the edge

(read from bottom to top) And I'm Heaven sent I'm of use for the Kingdom their benefit Dug up for Not what others've unearthed Fulfill my true call Brought here from birth I was created My who-ness my why What I'm predestined for My purpose in life Thing called destiny About to walk into this … Continue reading On the edge