Ya can’t live here

I just woke up from this horrific dream! Or should I say nightmare. In the dream I opened my home to this family of four and their wet, pet dog in need of someplace to live for a while. As they began to move in, this woman came to the door with a clipboard. She … Continue reading Ya can’t live here

Miss Understood

Can I say hi without being Accused of being too flirty Glance at the beauty of creation Without it seeming dirty To the other onlookers Who thinks I'm a hooker Trying to steal their man Toss a wrench in their plans Have I said something That you didn't quite understand What you thought you heard … Continue reading Miss Understood

I am His

I have come to the realization that knowing whose you are outweighs any other thing in life. Let me explain. I have, in some form or another, had a relationship with God most of my life. He and I have communicated in times past about anything from Christmas toy requests to where to live in … Continue reading I am His