Nice thought

Who's the love of my life The the cream to my coffee The hug of my life My squishy and squashy I only ask Cause it's been a long time I'd like to share my life With a one of a kind Kind of man In this life make plans To see the world our … Continue reading Nice thought

Love notes & Mason jars

The heart is a very precious thing. From whence all of life springs forth with tremendous force. It never forces itself. Is not harsh or brassy, always classy. Isn't nasty or sassy. It never seeks it's own, won't leave you alone. Cause its always h💓me. That's where the heart lives. So treasure it, nurture it. … Continue reading Love notes & Mason jars

Status of the heart

Have I been demoted from Girlfriend to friend If so how did that happen I'd like to know when Did my status change And become less not more I thought I'd won you over Although I wasn't keeping score My heart is breaking Aching Cause I'm shaken Up now my heart Let's make a fresh … Continue reading Status of the heart

Long Lost Love

The heart knows no difference between time and space It loves who it loves No matter where it takes You, near or far Or clear across the world It's faithful, stands firm Though you seem in a whirl Of emotions Attached by heartstrings Blue some days, glad, mad And even sometimes sing ing with tears … Continue reading Long Lost Love

Time for Lovin’

You have the time. You just have to take it. Take the time to console Take the time to touch Take time to show them To show them just how much You care, are concerned For their well being Excited about their entrance Concerned about them seeing Your face light up When they enter the … Continue reading Time for Lovin’