Your Voice

The earth yields To your voice What choice Does it have it's to salvage The product of creation The nation's Shall sing at Your entrance Since The earth began Formed, by Your voice dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young


The reeling of our real being Is that we be Cause in reality We be, a peel Outer shells that dwell to tell The true components, outlived moments In this place on the face Of the earth We're birthed To rehearse The script That He wrote for us In His book The seal broke with … Continue reading Appeeling

Detailed Creator

God does everything in Curves and rounded edges No right angles in nature No mountain hill or ledges Show a strict Or rigid side Reflecting where Fathers Mercy and Grace resides Inside of all that he's created It's revealed yet understated What he's made is An image in a pattern Intricately put together Not mindlessly … Continue reading Detailed Creator

Creations’ praise

You didn't make you And I didn't make myself Our creator shaped us Made us from the wealth Of this earth and This atmospheres' elements The jewels of the stars With fragrance and scents This aroma we return When we give him praise As his prized creation Should give Him all of its days dorothy's … Continue reading Creations’ praise

The Captain

The sun never fails to shine Nor the moon hide its glow The sea ever makes its wave Surely as it ebbs and flows Back and forth Never passing its realm The Father holds it in place It is He who's at the helm Of the ship so to speak The captain if you will … Continue reading The Captain