Ramblings in the kitchen

My mom started her day With the end Cooking dinners first Was how she'd spend Her early waking mornings At the start of her day After dinner she'd fix lunch Then breakfast our way Which was usually Cereal and sometimes toast We loved the fruity kind Or the crunchy ones most Of all we loved … Continue reading Ramblings in the kitchen

Speaking Foodishly

Food. I love it. For those of us who are lovers of food, we are a different breed altogether. For to us, food is more than sheer nourishment for the body - it is love expressed from the heart of the preparer. We consume it. The Love. The hate. The madness. Whatever the mood of … Continue reading Speaking Foodishly

Sweet Sacrifice; the making of a surprise

The making of a surprise

Musically Speaking; Musical Telepathy

Did I mention that I love music? I mean I really love music. I listen to music when I wake up, when I go to bed, when I'm asleep, while I'm eating, watching television, while I'm driving, putting on makeup, taking off makeup, while I'm cooking. I think you get the picture. I love music. … Continue reading Musically Speaking; Musical Telepathy