Love letters

The mail came today haven't heard from you The mail came today hope you'll answer soon It's been a while since we've talked Held hands even walked Seen each other face to face Running this race Without you has been hard, Placed our growth on retard To restart our hearts Our love From above Let's … Continue reading Love letters

World without words

I wonder would we understand Each other if we didn't have words I mean would you comprehend me Would I really be heard Without intonations or Cultural vernacular Colloquial expressions Not even coming at cha Would we know what is meant Without words being spent To describe the high When tides roll by Like words … Continue reading World without words

A listening heart

Relationships can be tricky What's meant to be a connection Has become a point of contention Some topics are off limits Others should never be mentioned Again once forgiven Not discussed or brought up You know what's a trigger What things' a bitter cup For your partner Hurtful things from their past Things that still … Continue reading A listening heart

Understanding understood

I don't wanna be right I'd rather be with you I don't want to argue, Fight or confuse Talking with communication Cause sometimes it's not done Arguing solves nothing No fight has ever won The heart of the revelers Given insight or truth In order to build trust I must first understand you For it's … Continue reading Understanding understood

A New Heart

I wrote this a few weeks ago and forgot about it. Oh well, I hope you like it. I'm a different kind of creature Created from God's best cloth Marinated in his loving passion The blood of Jesus from his cross With humanity, he left his Divinity to see about you and me He came … Continue reading A New Heart