Life on the highway

Day in and day out I drive myself on the highway I want to get off sometimes But I keep going day after day I see other drivers Some old, some young Some are miserable Others having fun Life on the highway Wonder what's the speed limit Life on the highway, Just glad to be … Continue reading Life on the highway

Traffic jams

Riding on the highway sitting in a traffic jam My mind drifting Somewhere in la la land Looking to my left see a man steering with one hand I wonder what he's listening to His favorie station, or jam dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young

Gettin’ dressy wit it

I don't know what to do With this body I Don't know my own strength I haven't really tested it out Never let myself went All out Bold out Go all Beyonce on'em And dress well my Ego Go and get me a Jay-Z And see where he'll go Then I'll go there too Rocking … Continue reading Gettin’ dressy wit it