There’s no place like Home

I hope y'all are getting inspired To write about what you've read I don't mind if you copy Or imitate what's been said here on my blog To my page you did steer Maybe God ordered your steps Maybe He brought you here On dorothy'spage *dey's publishing, that's my site, I hope I've encouraged some … Continue reading There’s no place like Home

Home makeover

I hadn't planned on it but Today I updated my site pages It's only eight months old But it feels like age Since I started this site Didn't think I'd get bites Or a nibble from folks Giving my page a gander I thought for sure Only family would meander Through my work Just to … Continue reading Home makeover

Rhyme Time

So, I'm not ready to go deep today. Cause I don't know what I should Write about today What do I have to offer What more can I say To offer solutions Maybe answers or a smile Something that brings comfort A little joy for a while Maybe just this thought Will be enough to … Continue reading Rhyme Time

Unwanted; effects of rejection

It finally hit me. After clues and hints from nearly everyone around me, it finally hit me. Nobody wants me. Maybe for what I can do for them, but not me. Not my person. That's a pretty tough pill to swallow. Maybe one day I will be able to fully wrap my head around it. … Continue reading Unwanted; effects of rejection

Finish Already!

I'm looking over all of the different blogs, writings and poetry on various social media platforms and realizing that I write a lot less than most. And on top of that, my writings, stories, poems etc, come up short when it comes to building and development. It's like I'm not finished. Maybe I'm not finished … Continue reading Finish Already!