On the edge

(read from bottom to top) And I'm Heaven sent I'm of use for the Kingdom their benefit Dug up for Not what others've unearthed Fulfill my true call Brought here from birth I was created My who-ness my why What I'm predestined for My purpose in life Thing called destiny About to walk into this … Continue reading On the edge

The Mold

Because we are but clay, the Father wants to mold each of us. I am no exception. This is one that I wrote some time ago. I hope you like it. The Mold I don’t know who I am And that’s a good thing I can’t know who I am So how can I sing … Continue reading The Mold

A New Heart

I wrote this a few weeks ago and forgot about it. Oh well, I hope you like it. I'm a different kind of creature Created from God's best cloth Marinated in his loving passion The blood of Jesus from his cross With humanity, he left his Divinity to see about you and me He came … Continue reading A New Heart

The Art of Mastering Me

Yesterday I wrote about the four personality types I've observed over my life time in my blog post *The Art of People; Well, 4 Types of People. In it I break down the various personality types and where I fit. (You might want to see where you for as well) Anyway, because I am a … Continue reading The Art of Mastering Me

The Art of People; Well, 4 Types of People

Well, 4 Types of People