God does not hurry For he knows how it ends He's in no worry About what's seen; sin That's been committed Perpetrated on the meek Injustices running amok On the disenfranchised and weak He's not nervous, Concerned or afraid For he's got a plan For the creation's he's made From heaven He rules and reigns … Continue reading Nervousless

Positively Speaking

I'm done with complaining! I'm sick of hearing myself talk about my load of junk. No more. I am done because Complain ing Is insane being Just a way to relieve stress To talk about what's mess ing with your head Taking up precious space Cluttering your thoughts Interrupting your dai ly confessions of speaking … Continue reading Positively Speaking

Checking In to Check Out

One time, I thought I had some type of anxiety disorder. Always living in tomorrow, unable to focus in the present. I was paranoid at the sight of people having conversations around me. We're they talking about me? We're they planning my demise? All kinds of strange things going on in my thought life. For … Continue reading Checking In to Check Out

I Forgot to Worry

I've been going through some things lately and couldn't seem to pull myself up out of this funk! But I noticed this morning that I couldn't for the life of me remember the things(s) I've been grappling with! I don't even remember what was keeping me up late at night! How can this be?! Then … Continue reading I Forgot to Worry

The You-Me

When I'm with you I wonder how I am with you Humble, shy or tru ly bashful or flirty Or otherwise worldly Do I bite my nails Or call my girlfriend and tell How you held my hand When we reached the stand To hear the band on the pier Do I stand erect with … Continue reading The You-Me