I’d rather be with you Than in the midst of a crowd To hear your silence When others are loud I’d rather be with you It’s not like being alone That’s how others see it When it’s just me at home I’d rather be with you Than in the presence of a man Who can … Continue reading Still

Friendless pt. 2

I haven't had a true *friend since I was a child It was in seventh grade the last time I smiled I'm not quite sure why this is the case Am I too naive, too gullible to easy to place my trust in others Or just hungry for love Do I need the attention Am … Continue reading Friendless pt. 2

Alone alone

The loneliest alone, is when there are two. Being alone alone I can see, but to be with you? That I won't do. Yeah, the loneliest alone, is when there's two. I might as well be alone and free. Yes, the loneliest alone isn't when it's just me. If I'm gonna be alone, then at … Continue reading Alone alone


Have you ever longed to go home but didn't know where to find home? I don't mean an address necessarily. I mean that place where you can be yourself, let your hair down so to speak. Where you don’t have to explain yourself and you're understood just with an embrace and a smile. Where it's … Continue reading Home