Timelines designed to refine

Have you ever had one of those days when every post from coast to coast is reading your mind? Am I the only one who's experienced this phenomenon? I mean it feels like At times when I read some posts It almost sounds like the Holy Ghost's Been stalking my friends Looking where I been … Continue reading Timelines designed to refine

Accept it

We all want to be accepted by our peers, co workers, etc. But we should never esteem acceptance to the point of compromise. I used to fear rejection. Now, I see that Rejection is a compliment That I ain't your type I so glamorized acceptance Bought into the hype That "belongs" are longings To fit … Continue reading Accept it

Let’s go for a Ride

As a teenager I loved to ride roller coasters! The bigger they were the better. My sister was a scaredy cat and would leave me in the que all alone. Yeah, she'd chicken out at the very last minute. They never bothered me because I could see the end. Whenever I can see the end … Continue reading Let’s go for a Ride

Love in the Fight

Confrontations. Who needs them?Sometimes we all do, especially with family members you love and care about. You HAVE to have the tough conversations; interventions is what they call it today. That's what love does. I had a confrontation this morning with a young family member who seems to think that as long as you hang … Continue reading Love in the Fight

Problem Solver

I bring solutions to problems. Sometimes you can be so close to the situation that you miss the tiniest of detail, which usually contains the answer. Just take a deep breath, be patient enough to separate substance from fluff and you'll find the solution staring right back atcha. But when my advice falls short, I … Continue reading Problem Solver