it's hard to say convey some days what you wanna say the way you see fit to hit the mark be smart when using few words just to be heard not obscure or demure to cure All of mankind But sometimes Saying nothing is louder dorothy’s page © 2019 Dorothy E. Young

On the Offbeat

Iambic pentameter That sounds like a crazy beat One stressed and unstressed Syllable is how it should be At least in reverse A foot, that's an iamb And having five of them, Makes the pent jam Iambic pentameter Sounds like a crazy beat Shakespeare used them often In his work I've seen But, soft! what … Continue reading On the Offbeat

You talk, I’ll write

As long as You're talking to me I'm as happy as can be Just keep these lines coming Keep setting people free From bandage Heartache and life's woes Keep feeding us with Love Your essence, your flow Of wisdom, knowledge And the sort Keep us safe, sustained Don't let us abort Our purpose Our call … Continue reading You talk, I’ll write

He speaks and speaks

Has this ever happened to you I know it's happened to me That when I wanna sleep That's when God wants to speak I mean chatty Cathying All in my head I'm writing in my sleep now While I'm laying in bed I'm glad He's talking At least He's saying something Cause I hate when … Continue reading He speaks and speaks