Journey on

Continue the journey Once the journey has begun Never stop increasing Your faith as some Have forsaken to assemble themselves As believers We delve Into the cares of life With confusion And strife Alike Aren't we all the same Inside ashamed We fight over The little things That bring a pause To our cause, And … Continue reading Journey on

Don’t say it

Did you know that you don't have to repeat Everything you think and feel Most times anyway it doesn't even appeal To the hearer So why say it Don't obey it Just because it entered In up here Bringing upsetness Into the atmosphere If you speak it you release it And that ain't good Keep … Continue reading Don’t say it

Mannerly mouths

Why and how Words are used really matter Let's use what we've got And not just scatter Them around frivolously Without compassion or thought Let them mend and not bruise Each other as we ought To be our brother's keeper Which includes their feelings Speaking kind to one another Is much more appealing Don't you … Continue reading Mannerly mouths

World without words

I wonder would we understand Each other if we didn't have words I mean would you comprehend me Would I really be heard Without intonations or Cultural vernacular Colloquial expressions Not even coming at cha Would we know what is meant Without words being spent To describe the high When tides roll by Like words … Continue reading World without words

Rehearsed verse

Sometimes I think this poetry, Using 2 and 3 syllable words, Seems so incredibly elementary And even a little absurd And maybe an insult To the readers intellect Too small in its message So easy to direct Attention to the end Of the lines rhythm Even a little predictable In its scheme at times And … Continue reading Rehearsed verse