. . .Judgement comes When I refuse to believe What he said about a thing That is sure to deceive Mere mortals With just senses as guides He tried to tell Eve and Adam But they chose to decide To do it their way And test what he said Now we're all in a cycle … Continue reading Renewed

Secret Me

That piece of me That’s not like you Take it away And do what you do When you do that Thing that you do to Forgive to forget To release me from yet Another episode of me A crisis of be ing apart of this world Where truth is unfurled Revealed if you may So … Continue reading Secret Me

I am Enough

I never needed them To be who I be I would still be me Even if there was no he In the picture Or involved in my life I’d still be all that’s needed I’d still be alright By myself Or on my own And not just an adult But for real real grown dorothy’s … Continue reading I am Enough

Timelines designed to refine

Have you ever had one of those days when every post from coast to coast is reading your mind? Am I the only one who's experienced this phenomenon? I mean it feels like At times when I read some posts It almost sounds like the Holy Ghost's Been stalking my friends Looking where I been … Continue reading Timelines designed to refine

Days’ reflection

At the end of my day I like to take inventory Recall what I did or said Recall if I told a story Misguided a youth Misled with untruths Gave a negative glance Without giving a chance To be kind But now I unwind Rewind To remind myself That giving is essential And loving others … Continue reading Days’ reflection