Just admit it Just tell the truth He knows anyway He’s just waiting for you To expose the lie The deception, the trick Hold back the truth, Darkness hits like a brick It starts small Like a ball in the snow Then it grows and grows And before you know It you’ve weaved a huge … Continue reading Confession


The loneliest alone Is when you're together You can't tell whose with you And you can't tell whether Others think you're crazy Or belong in a looney bin Never know what's planned You never know when They'll show their true colors how they really feel inside If they're really rooting for you Or just waiting … Continue reading Friendless

Factor That

This one I wrote a few years ago while contemplating what it means to give and to receive from God. When it comes to prayer the bible declares that the prayer from 1 can chase away 1,000 demons and 2 can chase 10,000. Whoa! Imagine what a room full of prayers can do for this … Continue reading Factor That

Eyes Never Lie

It's so difficult to write these days. It's challenging to share my true voice. Maybe one day I will let loose and divulge all that is within my heart. But, for now, eyes came to mind for today's entry. For The eyes are the window to the soul Or so I've been told We see … Continue reading Eyes Never Lie

Ode to Bill

When I started this blog I didn't want to do it But God wouldn't leave me alone Until I saw to it And got to putting it together Despite whether Or not I had too much Already on my plate He couldn't wait For me to keep dragging my feet To stop thinking defeat So … Continue reading Ode to Bill