Ancient of Dey’s

Image courtesy of Pexels March madness  March sadness Sad dis  I’m so glad this Is complete  So unique has been  These last few days  With waves  Of staves from those who’ve  misbehaved  With ways Like snakes  Let me shake  Them off like Paul did Still surviving  Glad that I bid On God to deliver me … Continue reading Ancient of Dey’s

Not today

Image courtesy of The thief of my peace  I will not let him be I'll fight to the death Before he gets a piece of me • And my savior, Jesus is his name  For he alone fights for me He alone is the same • Both Yesterday, Today forevermore he does not change … Continue reading Not today

It is Done

I’m ready now I can do this thing Being led by the Father Each day it brings A new adventure An exploration of you What will happen next Only he can choose The end from the beginning And what happens in between No matter what it looks like He’s already seen How this thing will … Continue reading It is Done