Don’t say it

Did you know that you don't have to repeat Everything you think and feel Most times anyway it doesn't even appeal To the hearer So why say it Don't obey it Just because it entered In up here Bringing upsetness Into the atmosphere If you speak it you release it And that ain't good Keep … Continue reading Don’t say it

Days’ reflection

At the end of my day I like to take inventory Recall what I did or said Recall if I told a story Misguided a youth Misled with untruths Gave a negative glance Without giving a chance To be kind But now I unwind Rewind To remind myself That giving is essential And loving others … Continue reading Days’ reflection

Breaking the box

Inspired by the message 'The King is Coming' from the 'The Pacemaker' series by Bishop T.D. Jakes Traditional thinking Has hindered our times Slave minded people Have handicapped lives Break those traditions And start mindsets anew Make fresh your ideas Start showing some proof That you're on the move And ready to progress Put down … Continue reading Breaking the box