It’s breakfast-y, right?

I can eat cake for breakfast Is it weird that I can do that Or do you wish that you had Thought of it first Instead of rehears ing what I'd bring A slice would be nice Maybe once or twice A week for I can repeat, or Have a nice slice of pie I … Continue reading It’s breakfast-y, right?

Candy caned

Peppermint patty or Peppermint stick Peppermint candy I think that's it .                      Whatever you call it .                      no matter its name                      . I still love the flavor … Continue reading Candy caned

Candied Cane

Whenever I see peppermint I'm reminded Christmas is here No other candy has that effect No other brings Christmas near It comes shaped like a cane With stripes red and white Such a sweet minty taste And crunchy to the bite It can smell up any room Its fragrance none can match It can flavor … Continue reading Candied Cane

In His Image

Have you ever read in scripture where God made statements of low self esteem? Or spoke negatively over himself? Yeah, me either. So, How you gon' have low self steem When you're created in his image You better check the mirror And correct your visage and say what he says about you and walk in … Continue reading In His Image

The Treat

This one I wrote as a contributing piece to a family newsletter I used to publish. It was summer at the time and I thought it was kinda cute. The Treat Wouldn’t it be neat To have a cool treat Something tasty and sweet To beat the summer heat I’d like to have a bite … Continue reading The Treat