A Solstice to remember

The first day of Summer Longest day of the year Season changing And hearts drawing near And dear to one another Under cover Of Summer's smoldering heat How neat To repeat My favorite time of the year dorothy’s page © 2019 D. E. Young


A grape in the morning A raisin in the afternoon The warm days of summer Are creeping up soon We'll bathe in the sun Take in some vitamin D SPF used in the noon day Toes drifting onto the sea Along the seashore Playing footsie's in the sand Strolling into the sunset Walking hand in … Continue reading Seashores

The Treat

This one I wrote as a contributing piece to a family newsletter I used to publish. It was summer at the time and I thought it was kinda cute. The Treat Wouldn’t it be neat To have a cool treat Something tasty and sweet To beat the summer heat I’d like to have a bite … Continue reading The Treat

Problem Solver

I bring solutions to problems. Sometimes you can be so close to the situation that you miss the tiniest of detail, which usually contains the answer. Just take a deep breath, be patient enough to separate substance from fluff and you'll find the solution staring right back atcha. But when my advice falls short, I … Continue reading Problem Solver

The Covering

I was alarmed at what made number four of yesterday's top five Twitter breaking news. Not one, but two random shootings. Has this become so the norm No alarm? I do not want to live this way as a citizen of this country. I do however want to remain vigilant and prayerful for those who … Continue reading The Covering