…and she lived

She was never quite sure of herself. Never really got the hang of it. Life, I mean. Often she wondered what it would be like to know self assurance. To be confident. Would she ever be like those she'd seen before? You know, the ones with the take-charge kinda attitude. Always knowing who they are, … Continue reading …and she lived

Is it Me. . .

or is that my name on the chalkboard behind actress Felicity Jones in her portrayal of Chief Justice Ruth Beyer Ginsberg? As I was watching a Lifetime movie on Sunday, I noticed in the preview of the movie 'On the Basis if Sex', due out today by the way, a glimpse of a portion of … Continue reading Is it Me. . .

Mary’s Christmas

Mary's first Christmas was Much different than ours As her first Christmas had her laboring for hours To give birth to Our savior, redeemer and king The one who'd be both, to Her, Lord and offering Peace to the world Goodwill towards all men Bringing man and God, back Together again Immanuel, God with us. … Continue reading Mary’s Christmas

A Song for Christmas

Baby It's Cold Outside Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer And Frosty the Snowman Are the songs I used to hear Songs like White Christmas A Christmas Song And to Silent Night I'd sing along These songs aren't Popular anymore Today's verses offer A different kind of score To the hearers A new sound to their … Continue reading A Song for Christmas

A girl named Pearl

There once was a girl named Pearl She liked to dance and swirl One day as she pranced She ripped her new pants And now she's afraid to go twirl dorothy's page © 2018 Dorothy E. Young