The Mysteries

Say it anyway Who’s it gonna hurt Just open your mouth It knows how to work The words you need to speak The verbiage and the tone Just open your mouth You’re not alone I’ll say it for you I just need your lips and tongue Just watch me work from there I’ve only just … Continue reading The Mysteries


Spirit to Spirit We often communicate Day after day as we Wait Upon the Lord Anticipating his command Waiting patiently for his word For we need it to stand Therefore For the battle gets rough He's given us this armor To handle such stuff As the wiles of the devil His plans and his onslaughts … Continue reading Jump

State of mine

What do you mean ...don't be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not?* I'm holding on for dear life now With everything that I've got So if I'm to be not weary Then what should I be Just tell me I'll be it It doesn't matter to … Continue reading State of mine

Behind the Vail

The arc of the covenant Our present day hearts Behind the Holies of Holies The Vail torn apart For the Father to Enter in To break down the stoney To relieve it of sin From within us That has tarnished our flow Enter in Holy One Take control Holy Ghost 🌾 Thank you for reading … Continue reading Behind the Vail

What gives?

Friends, things, time. It seems as though God has taken and taken giving nothing in return. I know that it's all for my good. I just want to know When you're gonna stop taking And start giving back When will I see progress See what I already have Borne in the spirit Developed in my … Continue reading What gives?