…and she lived

She was never quite sure of herself. Never really got the hang of it. Life, I mean. Often she wondered what it would be like to know self assurance. To be confident. Would she ever be like those she'd seen before? You know, the ones with the take-charge kinda attitude. Always knowing who they are, … Continue reading …and she lived

Is it Me. . .

or is that my name on the chalkboard behind actress Felicity Jones in her portrayal of Chief Justice Ruth Beyer Ginsberg? As I was watching a Lifetime movie on Sunday, I noticed in the preview of the movie 'On the Basis if Sex', due out today by the way, a glimpse of a portion of … Continue reading Is it Me. . .

Book help for Christmas

Here's a fellow blogger, a fractured faith blog (see the link below), seeking a literary agent for urban fantasy. Check it out and see if you are able to help. Pass it on. Maybe we can get a literary agent for Christmas. 🎁 https://wp.me/p8L73F-Wt 👈 dorothy's page © 2018 Dorothy E. Young

The Name Game

I posted the socks on Twitter because I like playing hashtag games. I got a few likes. I went about my morning as usual responding to replies about the socks. Then this happened. Another breadcrumb. I'll let this screenshot do the talkin'. See what I mean? Can God get any louder?! He loves me. dorothy's … Continue reading The Name Game

The Angel and the King

I wrote this short children's story last year about this time. I hope you enjoy reading it. Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading. Once upon a time there was a boy named Bob. Bob loved to play outside. He lived where the hills were lush and green. The land was so great … Continue reading The Angel and the King