A new Day

With the dawning of a new morn a new beginning is born Begin to celebrate Participate In life In your life Think twice About starting A new day The same way So TOday Say, I will begin anew, A new Day dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young

Numb3rs up

Numbers numb3ers number5 Age, lbs, size what's the big deal It shouldn't matter anyway It should be how you feel On the inside And not chronologically How much you've weighed, That should never be What you're judged by Or even take into account Who's measuring anyway What's that all about So ignore the numbers Unless … Continue reading Numb3rs up

Thought Patrol

Thoughts can make you sad Thoughts can make you glad Thoughts can make you miserable Or be the best you've ever had You determine what you think Only you can have control You're the guardian of your mind It is you who patrols What and who comes out And what, if any, comes in You … Continue reading Thought Patrol

Book help for Christmas

Here's a fellow blogger, a fractured faith blog (see the link below), seeking a literary agent for urban fantasy. Check it out and see if you are able to help. Pass it on. Maybe we can get a literary agent for Christmas. 🎁 https://wp.me/p8L73F-Wt 👈 dorothy's page © 2018 Dorothy E. Young


One day, maybe someday *I'd like it to be today* That I'll have my way and then Stay Away from the states Of confusion and such As cause much ado And stuff Yeah, to stay drama free, That's the life for me 🌾 Thank you for reading and following dorothy's page dorothy's page © 2018 … Continue reading Paradise