Animal Love

Do you have pets? I haven't had one since childhood. But I like them. I think we need them more than they need us. Some don't find them useful and can be quite mean to them at times. I dont like that. I think We shouldn't bother the animals We oughtn't make a big fuss … Continue reading Animal Love

Two becomes One

I believe the man finds his missing rib and the two become one again. Separated at birth, how can either recognize the other on this side? Did Adam have a birthday Or do you call it something else Since he was created And God didn't have help From a woman A cervix or anything Just … Continue reading Two becomes One

Healthy Speaking

Words are powerful! What you speak can change the trajectory of your life. It's true! Science can attest to it. Go 'head, Google it. If you can speak yourself into a bad mood, a piece of chocolate cake, convince yourself you have to have those shoes, you can speak yourself whole. I not only think … Continue reading Healthy Speaking

The Element Represents the True

I always say that the element represents the true. Sometimes - not always, just sometimes - I can walk into a place and read it like a book. The people in the room need not tell me anything about the homeowner or guest of honor. I can take a look at either the theme of … Continue reading The Element Represents the True

The Art of Mastering Me

Yesterday I wrote about the four personality types I've observed over my life time in my blog post *The Art of People; Well, 4 Types of People. In it I break down the various personality types and where I fit. (You might want to see where you for as well) Anyway, because I am a … Continue reading The Art of Mastering Me