Choose Life

Everyday I go to bed dressed for death Sleeping in my grave clothes Expecting less Than to be raptured, Over night captured By the son of God No it ain't hard To start Living for God To retard that sinful heart And restart your heart anew But you must choose To 🌾 Thank you for … Continue reading Choose Life

Factor That

This one I wrote a few years ago while contemplating what it means to give and to receive from God. When it comes to prayer the bible declares that the prayer from 1 can chase away 1,000 demons and 2 can chase 10,000. Whoa! Imagine what a room full of prayers can do for this … Continue reading Factor That

Born Anew

Creation was an act of love. God wanted someplace to place His spirit and have dominion and authority here on earth. He wanted us to reign here just as he reigns there. Oh how I long to reign and have dominion not only in my life but over the forces of poverty and hatred in … Continue reading Born Anew