Saving of Me

. . .It hurts now to see What has really taken place That someone can rob you Right in your face Do it gladly And do it with a smile With a knife in one hand Knowing all the while "I'll get'em when they're sleep When their senses are off guard They're not able to … Continue reading Saving of Me


Here’s your badge You’ve paid the fee To join club “Something’s wrong with me” Whosever will Let him come The door’s wide open For not a few by some With special issues Challenges and the like If there’s nothing wrong Then take a hike Be phony like the rest Ignore the real deal Deep down … Continue reading Salvation


I don't have a problem "doing" My challenge is keeping still Not good at human "being" I'm usually human will I or won't I Do this or that today Will I listen to others opinions Or to what the Father says For me to do And to be Will I follow his instructions Submit to … Continue reading Willing

Deity’s humanity

Did you know God has feelings That He gets grieved too He even gets angry at times Just like me and you Although he's not quite like us Not human but deity He's not flesh and blood He's a spirit you see He had to create a body For his spirit to live in At … Continue reading Deity’s humanity

Effortless Grace

What's in your heart Is how you choose To maintain integrity So you don't lose What God's grace Affords us to stay In his righteousness And not our own good works Thinking we can sustain Our own value and worth Less are efforts To cleanse our own hearts How can dirt clear dust Of it's … Continue reading Effortless Grace