Seeing you again

I wish I didn't miss You so much To know your touch Is still a mystery To me We'll see When I see You again dorothy’s page © 2019 D. E. Young

Your touch

I can't not think of you In all that I do I pursue Your presence, Sheer essence If you please With ease Do I reach For your touch dorothy’s page © 2019 D. E. Young


I loved him before I knew my own name I loved him in time And eternity the same he was me before I got here I was him over there now we must unite here as we did in the air I'm you and you're me Inseparable, forever we will be dorothy’s page © 2019 … Continue reading Forever

Being with you

What would I be with you For I know what I am without No doubt My heart would be jolly Much folly To entertain No disdain Nor refrain From happy moments Let them come and soon Afternoon smiles Just for a while With you dorothy’s page © 2019 D. E. Young

Around me

I wonder what he's like when he's around me I wonder what he'll be like when he finally sees that he has me all to himself will he put my heart on a shelf What else can I expect for myself From him being around me dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young