The me in you

Although I have The right to I fight through I still choose To write to The me in you That true piece Not so new lease On life as one Just begun To run This race At human pace We relate As we relay To display The grace given How we livin' As one dorothy’spage … Continue reading The me in you


I’m so glad I have you with me In this place and in this time To share my life experiences In these verses and rhymes I’m so glad I have you with me No other place I’d rather be For you hold the key to life Why would I flee From a Father who knows … Continue reading Together

Nice thought

Who's the love of my life The the cream to my coffee The hug of my life My squishy and squashy I only ask Cause it's been a long time I'd like to share my life With a one of a kind Kind of man In this life make plans To see the world our … Continue reading Nice thought


You gon' show them you God Without me doing a thing I ain’t gone have to work it Or whip up a scheme To show what you can do In the middle of my shame You’re God enough to do this To salvage my name My reputation As your child I don’t have to pump … Continue reading Us


They denied you Lied to you Disobeyed you Strayed from you Yea, but they came back They went a whoring Often ignoring Sought other gods Taught “He’s hard” Yea, but they came back Robbed from you Then sobbed to you Kept back the tenth Supplied their own rent Yea, but they came back Cursed you … Continue reading Righteousness