The call

There's no way I can stay Away From the calling within Knowing where I've been And then To stay in this low place It's no place For the healthy Making room for the wealthy Places to live in Never give in To the temptations From nations and stations Of life Answer, The call dorothy’s page … Continue reading The call

Predestined me

I don't want to get old Before I am young I don't want to get old I just want to have fun While I can While I still live and breathe I know youth is fleeting Don't want it to leave Me empty, void And unfulfilled Walk out my life's purpose Fulfill God's will For … Continue reading Predestined me

The Mold

Because we are but clay, the Father wants to mold each of us. I am no exception. This is one that I wrote some time ago. I hope you like it. The Mold I don’t know who I am And that’s a good thing I can’t know who I am So how can I sing … Continue reading The Mold