Perspective Redefined

Periodically, things, people and places have to be redefined in our lives. When the season for that particular thing, person or place has served its purpose in our lives, we may not need to shed them necessarily, just redefine them. For all things come to refine us, to make us better/richer as it were. Once … Continue reading Perspective Redefined

Quit Quitting

"Where are you working this month? Are you still on that same job?" were some of the usual comments from family and associates. I've gotta quit quitting! Nothing has ever felt right. Well, there is this one thing I'd like to do. I have yet to quit it. I think it's apart of who I … Continue reading Quit Quitting

Healthy Speaking

Words are powerful! What you speak can change the trajectory of your life. It's true! Science can attest to it. Go 'head, Google it. If you can speak yourself into a bad mood, a piece of chocolate cake, convince yourself you have to have those shoes, you can speak yourself whole. I not only think … Continue reading Healthy Speaking

Missing Him

Have you ever missed someone and secretly hoped they missed you too? Or at least wondered about it? I have. I don't want to be the only one doing the missing. I want to know if I made a difference in their day, or the way they added me to their daily ritual. I really … Continue reading Missing Him

Get to Living

Normal is relative so live your "normal", make the best of what you have. Don't compare, don't compete and don't complain. Because We don't have the same life We don't have the same day Because "normal" is relative Different in every way That you could imagine Or even possibly envision What's normal to you Won't … Continue reading Get to Living