His shoulders

Did you know that God Was jealous over you wants to be your number one, Your first go-to For wisdom, provision Conversation And such He wants to be your hero When you're facing life's hurt, Challenges and whenever Trouble hits He wants to be the shoulder Leaned on when things aren't lit In your favor … Continue reading His shoulders

You talk, I’ll write

As long as You're talking to me I'm as happy as can be Just keep these lines coming Keep setting people free From bandage Heartache and life's woes Keep feeding us with Love Your essence, your flow Of wisdom, knowledge And the sort Keep us safe, sustained Don't let us abort Our purpose Our call … Continue reading You talk, I’ll write

Spiritually praying

This is how I fight This is how I breakthrough I pray in the spirit I see what God can do For I am weak In my own intellect I can only see so far I can only collect Facts and figures Make it make sense but so far But you God can see far … Continue reading Spiritually praying

He’s still speaking

Some days He shuts up the well Other days I can't hardly tell When he'll be quiet Turn off the water tap Dam up the flow Boy, I hate that So talk all you want Say what you please I'll be here in the morning Starting on my knees *Speak *see original post 'He speaks … Continue reading He’s still speaking