Saving of Me

. . .It hurts now to see What has really taken place That someone can rob you Right in your face Do it gladly And do it with a smile With a knife in one hand Knowing all the while "I'll get'em when they're sleep When their senses are off guard They're not able to … Continue reading Saving of Me

Saving Me

I'm hurting Can't you see When will you Come take care of me I've been here For a while now And still I don't see how You will bring Me out Deliver me from This drought Of freedom Passion and rest You've deprived me of all That I see as best Of everything that Life … Continue reading Saving Me


Are you with me, can you hear me Did you hear my cry A sigh of distress When I thought that I Was loosing my cool As well as my head Did you see the tears On my pillow, on my bed I can’t feel your presence Your touch or your peace To know I’ll … Continue reading Close

The Press

If I'm with you when it's cool And not with you when it's hot What kinda friend am I When courage I have not To shield you To stand in the gap To intercede for you As a matter of fact My love is proven As I'm with you in life's heat Good times are … Continue reading The Press

The giant slayer

I was born to slay Every giant that I face To challenge every fear Make courage my way And righteousness My shield Defeat works of the enemy When evil he often welds My way and Towards others too I was born to intercede For both me and you 🌾 Thank you for reading and following … Continue reading The giant slayer