There’s nothing like time Like here or in space Time happens to all No matter the race Time comes and time goes Time past and future tense Who can say to Time Get thee hence It moves fast It moves slow Why is it taking so long Where did the time go It’s a place … Continue reading Time


I don’t think I belong here I’m too young for this place Yet older than my teachers Still willing to embrace The lessons to be learned The wisdom to be gained There’s more than meets the eye There’s more to be obtained From this experience of This game of some sorts An affair to remember … Continue reading Levels

My hero

Do you know what a hero is Or what a hero does A hero sacrifices this life To dispense charity and love Image courtesy of Pexels.com A hero protects, guides Teaches and directs Never really knowing How much of it will have effect With strength and patience All things are endured No fear or pain … Continue reading My hero

Snakes too

Ready to bite at a Moments notice Salivating at the chance To get to go this Far in the game By stealing their trust, For that is the key For that is a must Have if he's to Succeed For it starts the process Trust starts the bleed from the puncture He's inflicted with his … Continue reading Snakes too


Good is the bait that the snake uses Good to the taste is what he abuses A delight to the eyes Is his disguise How good it feels Is how he reels In his prey How he captures his victims He dare not delay To trap them, to get them In his clutches To get … Continue reading Snakes