You May have noticed

that I've depleted my archives I'm out of old rhymes Out of life's past problems Onto life's new time Of glory Celebrating new chances God has given me new vision Except only they're glances Into my future What has yet to be revealed Things that have healed me My present cannot repeal For what God's … Continue reading You May have noticed

Saving of Me

. . .It hurts now to see What has really taken place That someone can rob you Right in your face Do it gladly And do it with a smile With a knife in one hand Knowing all the while "I'll get'em when they're sleep When their senses are off guard They're not able to … Continue reading Saving of Me

Saving Me

I'm hurting Can't you see When will you Come take care of me I've been here For a while now And still I don't see how You will bring Me out Deliver me from This drought Of freedom Passion and rest You've deprived me of all That I see as best Of everything that Life … Continue reading Saving Me

I am Enough

I never needed them To be who I be I would still be me Even if there was no he In the picture Or involved in my life I’d still be all that’s needed I’d still be alright By myself Or on my own And not just an adult But for real real grown dorothy’s … Continue reading I am Enough

That’s not Love

Life to the fullest While you complete your task I know it'll benefit all Once the mask Is removed From the face of the deceiver Exposed for who he is Coning the believer Using you as the bait Your word as the line Attached to their hearts He gets them every time I've seen this … Continue reading That’s not Love