Resting instead

Since He never sleeps let me go deep And not lose a wink Trying to think Of solutions Come to conclusions About my future Plans of good No evil shall befall me For he's called me To rest I confess I'm a mess In the head When I'm in bed But instead I will rest … Continue reading Resting instead


He comes like a thief In the night Bringing fear, torment And the like ness of a roaring lion He's trying To shake your Faith But for Christ sake Don't shake Image courtesy of Stand Therefore, for what you're standing There for Stand dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young

Becoming Me

This is so good I wish that I would have written it! Here is 'Becoming me' by Lillian

Today please

A new beginning A new lease on life With joy, peace & passion Free of misery & strife The life I've always dreamed of Abundantly supplied I can have it right away Today, here's how I'll stop reading the signs The meanings and the clues Cause when it doesn't work out, I end up with … Continue reading Today please


Is this a place for help Where you lend a hand Is this the place you help Where I’ve took a stand Is this where you come in And take over from here Is this where you begin And continue to steer The rest of the way That leads to the end Do you take … Continue reading When