Only God can create the sunrise so beautiful that it takes your breath away He does it everyday without fail, He is faithful and there's never a delay dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young

Breakfast with God

As I scurried around Preparing for my day No time for lagging No time for delays My day was rushed With no time for food Not even a yogurt Or a bagel for fuel With a break in my morning I leapt at the chance I ran to the counter Seeking nourishment at last I … Continue reading Breakfast with God

Detailed Creator

God does everything in Curves and rounded edges No right angles in nature No mountain hill or ledges Show a strict Or rigid side Reflecting where Fathers Mercy and Grace resides Inside of all that he's created It's revealed yet understated What he's made is An image in a pattern Intricately put together Not mindlessly … Continue reading Detailed Creator

The Captain

The sun never fails to shine Nor the moon hide its glow The sea ever makes its wave Surely as it ebbs and flows Back and forth Never passing its realm The Father holds it in place It is He who's at the helm Of the ship so to speak The captain if you will … Continue reading The Captain

Vessels of clay

Life Himself Has given life to me He breathed the breath of life In clay vessels, He Molded by His hands No man yet understands How he put us all Together Whether He used dust from the earth Tears from the sea Minerals from galaxies Or star particles creativity True we're made of Elements from … Continue reading Vessels of clay