I am music

I am music My fingers the strings strung Like a drum My heart beats from the heat of loves' passion Compassion's the actions Shown from my lips drawn From a sound that's found Whenever you're around music dorothy's page © 2018 Dorothy E. Young

Stuck in my head

Have you ever had a *song get stuck in your head From the time you got up Until you went to bed And you couldn't get rid of it So instead You looked up the music Tried, and found the song Played it, then repeated it Then started to hum along You try to recall … Continue reading Stuck in my head

Surrounded by Sound

How long can you go without listening to some music everyday? Not long huh? Me either. It's like I need it in the background of my life in order to function from day to day. To me, Music is like chicken soup It just makes you feel better By yourself or in a group Doesn't … Continue reading Surrounded by Sound

Sometimes it takes a mountain

  We can be so arrogant in our thinking at times. As if we're invincible somehow. But we're not. Sometimes, it takes a mountain to remind us how fragile we are without God. My how he has a way of humbling his children. And for that I am grateful. Are you facing a Mountain? You … Continue reading Sometimes it takes a mountain

Worthy still

I believe we should give praise to God for who he is, not just for what he does. Because what if he did nothing else from this day forward? Would he still be worthy of praise? I used to praise him for the what. Asking myself, Should I praise God today Even though it was … Continue reading Worthy still