Is it Me. . .

or is that my name on the chalkboard behind actress Felicity Jones in her portrayal of Chief Justice Ruth Beyer Ginsberg? As I was watching a Lifetime movie on Sunday, I noticed in the preview of the movie 'On the Basis if Sex', due out today by the way, a glimpse of a portion of … Continue reading Is it Me. . .

Lazy Sundays

Lazy Sundays are the best Especially in winter seasons Having nothing more to do And for no other reason Than to lounge around Be a bum all day long Play games, watch TV Sing Christmas songs After a dinner, or a lunch A late breakfast or brunch Whatever you call it Whenever you're through Go … Continue reading Lazy Sundays

Ode to the Queen

Today she's laid to rest With flowers and Respect She reigned supreme on stage Always dressed, always decked Out with her gowns and furs As she graced any stage She brought all to their feet Every time she played The mic to R & B, Jazz Gospel or classical tunes Her voice reaching octaves That … Continue reading Ode to the Queen

Same Movie, Different Me

As a child I loved to watch the Wizard of Oz every time it was on television. For obvious reasons of course. I was facinated by the horses that changed colors as they trotted, the transition Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Tin man, and the Lion made after their elaborate makeovers. Even Toto got a puppicure. I was deathly afraid … Continue reading Same Movie, Different Me