Ramblings in the kitchen

My mom started her day With the end Cooking dinners first Was how she'd spend Her early waking mornings At the start of her day After dinner she'd fix lunch Then breakfast our way Which was usually Cereal and sometimes toast We loved the fruity kind Or the crunchy ones most Of all we loved … Continue reading Ramblings in the kitchen

Vessels of clay

Life Himself Has given life to me He breathed the breath of life In clay vessels, He Molded by His hands No man yet understands How he put us all Together Whether He used dust from the earth Tears from the sea Minerals from galaxies Or star particles creativity True we're made of Elements from … Continue reading Vessels of clay

Mommy and me

This poem was inspired by a photo of a friend with her son (not pictured above). Mommy and me What is this that I see Oh it's mommy and me Looking at me in the mirror I couldn't see clearer That she's lovin' me so See how she shows Me that I'm her first son … Continue reading Mommy and me