I'm amazed And sometimes ashamed At what some say About church these days The ways of the few Misguiding the pews Using and abusing The do's and don'ts That won't Change the hearts Of men Not back then When sin got in Then, we turned to God To restart Our hearts Anew and to do … Continue reading Fleeced

Dancing beats

I can write without rhyming Word it - without beats or timing But when I try to write normal Out of sync - somewhat informal Then without a doubt This is how it comes out But, I'll keep writing till you know That what He says, it is so Does that make any sense How … Continue reading Dancing beats

Factor That

This one I wrote a few years ago while contemplating what it means to give and to receive from God. When it comes to prayer the bible declares that the prayer from 1 can chase away 1,000 demons and 2 can chase 10,000. Whoa! Imagine what a room full of prayers can do for this … Continue reading Factor That