If someone makes me mad hurts my feelings makes me sad Immediately, I forgot it And get glad dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young

Journey on

Continue the journey Once the journey has begun Never stop increasing Your faith as some Have forsaken to assemble themselves As believers We delve Into the cares of life With confusion And strife Alike Aren't we all the same Inside ashamed We fight over The little things That bring a pause To our cause, And … Continue reading Journey on

A new Day

With the dawning of a new morn a new beginning is born Begin to celebrate Participate In life In your life Think twice About starting A new day The same way So TOday Say, I will begin anew, A new Day dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young

State of mine

What do you mean ...don't be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not?* I'm holding on for dear life now With everything that I've got So if I'm to be not weary Then what should I be Just tell me I'll be it It doesn't matter to … Continue reading State of mine