Since the man came first I'll let him do the leadin He's gotta love like Christ From a cross he'd be bleedin For me Take me by the heart Leading me to worship Each day he would start Out giving God thanks For new mercy that's given Adoring God's creation New life we'd be livin … Continue reading Adam

Ode to the men

I'm glad imma girl I wouldn't want to be a guy I don't mean it in a bad way Let me tell you why I think men are strong And most courageous too They're there when needed For the most part it's true But it's more to them I think Just what I can't figure … Continue reading Ode to the men

What’s he thinking

Sometimes, I wonder What's in the mind Of a man What's going on in that noggin What's he got planned For the rest of his days How's he gonna figure Out the optimum way To hold it all together His home and strength too Take care of his family Relationships who's Gonna cover for him … Continue reading What’s he thinking