Understanding Man

Image courtesy of Pexels I don’t understand men They’re like aliens to me What do they want And what do they need Me to be or to do For I haven’t got a clue To what it is I am to be Let me see, I can’t even finish my thought  So I guess I … Continue reading Understanding Man

My Love

I love when he doesn't say the rehearsed thing the verse that he knows But the first thing Image courtesy of Pexels.com from his heart strings that pull me toward him Lean me fore warned them Words of sweetness Poetically weakness Drawing me near To my dear My love So clear Leaving me weak in … Continue reading My Love


Since the man came first I'll let him do the leadin He's gotta love like Christ From a cross he'd be bleedin For me Take me by the heart Leading me to worship Each day he would start Out giving God thanks For new mercy that's given Adoring God's creation New life we'd be livin … Continue reading Adam