On Top

With my heart on notice My eyes all aglow Ever looking for manifestation Wanting my hopes to show up in this physical world Revealing mysteries unfurled To this believer, true soldier One who's kept the faith It's time to live it up As in "On top" as they say dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young

Saving Me

I'm hurting Can't you see When will you Come take care of me I've been here For a while now And still I don't see how You will bring Me out Deliver me from This drought Of freedom Passion and rest You've deprived me of all That I see as best Of everything that Life … Continue reading Saving Me


. . .Judgement comes When I refuse to believe What he said about a thing That is sure to deceive Mere mortals With just senses as guides He tried to tell Eve and Adam But they chose to decide To do it their way And test what he said Now we're all in a cycle … Continue reading Renewed

Becoming Me

This is so good I wish that I would have written it! Here is 'Becoming me' by Lillian https://wp.me/p23WOs-2kD


You have so much to offer You have so much to give If only you could see it Then only you will live To fulfill his plans And purpose for your life Without confusion, envy Jealousy and strife What He has for you No man can take, Steal, mimic Or even imitate You are uniquely … Continue reading See