You May have noticed

that I've depleted my archives I'm out of old rhymes Out of life's past problems Onto life's new time Of glory Celebrating new chances God has given me new vision Except only they're glances Into my future What has yet to be revealed Things that have healed me My present cannot repeal For what God's … Continue reading You May have noticed

Home town USA

No matter her ills, she's still the greatest nation in the world if you ask me. Whatevers wrong with her, there's twice as much right. If we made her, we can heal her. For Life in this melting pot Is amazingly great How we all came together Pursuing freedom in one place On this continent … Continue reading Home town USA

America the Beautiful

I love this country we call the United States of America. I have had the privilege of attending schools that reminded me of my status as a citizen of this nation. In high school I was a Southwest Patriot and in college a Georgia College Colonial. I even cry at the sound of the National … Continue reading America the Beautiful