Ode to Nancy Wilson

The incomparable Nancy Wilson passed away yesterday. She was elegance and class all rolled into one. The epitome of grace Her music genre was Jazz, R&B and the blues She could sing them all Yet she chose to be called a 'song stylist' Which encompassed them all Her range was impeccably Smooth as she echoed … Continue reading Ode to Nancy Wilson

Born Anew

Creation was an act of love. God wanted someplace to place His spirit and have dominion and authority here on earth. He wanted us to reign here just as he reigns there. Oh how I long to reign and have dominion not only in my life but over the forces of poverty and hatred in … Continue reading Born Anew

Missing Him

Have you ever missed someone and secretly hoped they missed you too? Or at least wondered about it? I have. I don't want to be the only one doing the missing. I want to know if I made a difference in their day, or the way they added me to their daily ritual. I really … Continue reading Missing Him

Unwanted; effects of rejection

It finally hit me. After clues and hints from nearly everyone around me, it finally hit me. Nobody wants me. Maybe for what I can do for them, but not me. Not my person. That's a pretty tough pill to swallow. Maybe one day I will be able to fully wrap my head around it. … Continue reading Unwanted; effects of rejection

My Sophie’s heart

As I watched the news the other night, a story aired about a little girl who was waiting on a donor. She needed a heart. One of her dreams was to have rapper Drake visit her in the hospital and the other, a new heart. Both of her dreams came true. Her name was Sophia. … Continue reading My Sophie’s heart