Friendless pt. 2

I haven't had a true *friend since I was a child It was in seventh grade the last time I smiled I'm not quite sure why this is the case Am I too naive, too gullible to easy to place my trust in others Or just hungry for love Do I need the attention Am … Continue reading Friendless pt. 2


The loneliest alone Is when you're together You can't tell whose with you And you can't tell whether Others think you're crazy Or belong in a looney bin Never know what's planned You never know when They'll show their true colors how they really feel inside If they're really rooting for you Or just waiting … Continue reading Friendless

Feeling the Vibes

Do I feed off of you or do you feed from me I mean personality wise, How am I supposed to be With some folks I'm serious With others I can be mello I'm one way with my girls And another with my fellow It depends I suppose What energy you bring In which case … Continue reading Feeling the Vibes

Distant Lover

"...stay in my arms if you dare or must I imagine you there?" 🎤🎧🎶 (I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston - 'The Bodyguard' soundtrack ) "Imagine"? That means it's not so in reality yet. Right? Which means you're not here with me; in person. You're, long distance. But is it worth it? Is long distance … Continue reading Distant Lover

Born Anew

Creation was an act of love. God wanted someplace to place His spirit and have dominion and authority here on earth. He wanted us to reign here just as he reigns there. Oh how I long to reign and have dominion not only in my life but over the forces of poverty and hatred in … Continue reading Born Anew