The Breath of God

what do you think it is That's holding this dust up Who do you think it is That's keeping us thus . Saith the Lord I am He that healeth thee To loose the bound Setting the captives free . To be who you be As you strive to give service Giving praise as you … Continue reading The Breath of God

Talking food

Food When I see food It speaks to me It's saying, "hey come over here and eat me" And I say, "Ok" dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young

Happy meals

If happy while you're cooking They'll feel the happy as they eat The mood in which you prepare Gives the eater extra treats For while you prepare Your spirit does too So don't cook when you're angry Or the meal prove That your heart wasn't willing You had ill intent The food will taste bland … Continue reading Happy meals

Move clouds

Back up clouds You're blocking my view I can't see the sun Because of you Move outta my way Let the sunshine in I need to feel it's heat Its vitamin D when I place my face Up under its rays To erase the days Heartache and pangs Move clouds No more blocking my view … Continue reading Move clouds

I am music

I am music My fingers the strings strung Like a drum My heart beats from the heat of loves' passion Compassion's the actions Shown from my lips drawn From a sound that's found Whenever you're around music dorothy's page © 2018 Dorothy E. Young