Image courtesy of Pexels Awake or asleep  It’s you that I keep • My eyes upon For you are the one • Who began it all Way before the fall • of man with the tree Staying close to thee is where we should be • Open to your word When things look absurd  • … Continue reading Belongings

Your Voice

The earth yields To your voice What choice Does it have it's to salvage The product of creation The nation's Shall sing at Your entrance Since The earth began Formed, by Your voice dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young


The reeling of our real being Is that we be Cause in reality We be, a peel Outer shells that dwell to tell The true components, outlived moments In this place on the face Of the earth We're birthed To rehearse The script That He wrote for us In His book The seal broke with … Continue reading Appeeling

Talking shows

While watching a Talk Show I was wondering about the host. I wonder, Image courtesy of On what authority Do you speak Who told you You could talk to me About this or that Or on any subject at hand Who gave you the wisdom To speak into man’s Life and attempt to alter … Continue reading Talking shows